I thought, why not turn some of my photos into e-cards, and tried to do that. If you like them, you can download and use them…

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New Year and Christmas e-cards

new year card1 signed in english new year card1 signed in russian new year card2 signed in english new year card2 signed in russian new year card3 signed in english new year card3 signed in russianchristmas card1 signed in russian          christmas card1 signed in english                      

christmas card2 signed in english christmas card2 signed in russianchristmas_card_star

General Usage e-cards 


St. Tatiana’s (Students’) Day

         St Tatianas day card for a Tatiana     

St. Valentine’s Day e-cards


8th of March (International Women’s Day) Cards

8th of March card1 signed in English 8th of March card1 signed in Russian

Funny Cards

funny card, signed in english  a fun card signed in russian

 Birthday Cards

A Happy Birthday Card1 birthday card, signed in Russian

City View e-cards

Moscow_Kremlin1Moscow_Kremlin2St Basils_rusSt Basils_eng Red_Square1_eng Red_Square1_eng1Red_Square1_rus  Moscow_Kremlin3bolshoi_engbolshoi_rus moscow_theatresmaly_theatre_card maly_rusmaly_eng

Floral Ecards

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