This page is devoted to my creative activity in the field of design. 🙂

However pompous it may sound… I do enjoy it. I like creating things even manually, not to mention the swarm of ideas, constantly humming in my head!.. lol

So, please see, what I have made, and feel free to share your opinion about it…


Screen Calendar Wallpaper

As the season of looking for calendars has arrived, here’s a calendar wallpaper for your screen… 🙂



Birthday Cake Design

Well, that’s something, I’ve never done before… 🙂 But I’m glad, I had a chance to try my hand at it – there was a request for a birthday cake design. The task was to offer some ideas for decoration of a cream-cake with a porcelain statuette in the centre. The client wanted it for their kid’s first birthday party… I named this cake “Flower Garden”. It has a ring-fence and fragile delicate flowers – all are made of cream – around the porcelain statuette. Would you like to taste that?.. :p


Souvenirs for Daugavpils

Daugavpils is a city in Latvia, on the Daugava river. Its city council has announced a design ideas contest, which I couldn’t miss! 🙂 They are interested in creative ideas for producers of souvenirs with the city’s name and  spirit. So, I’ve made these “Daugavpils Guards”.

“Daugavpils Guards” Souvenir

Materials: metal wire and foil of several kinds, plastic or rubber for the footing.

souvenir “Daugavpils Guards” Framed Embossment

Materials: embossed metal foil, polymeric padding, plastic or wooden frame.




Do you like bandanas?.. I do!.. They look great, and are so easy to make… You just need a stripe of cloth and some patience… Here’s, what I started with:

Here’s what I’ve made in a couple of hours:


Seasons sketches for saucepans

Oops… Another contest is over, and I didn’t win it again. But my works were approved by the contest-holder! So, I’ve made some progress… 😉 Here are four pencil sketches with just a couple of coloured accents, showing the seasons of the year. If you like them, you can buy them.



The sketches are also available with a background:



saucepan with design

Car-freshener templates 

They were created as my feedback for a pressed-paper stuff producing company’s request to offer a concept for a new car-fresheners line (as those fir-trees have really become a worn-out shape). Cuts of a wooden log seemed a fresh enough idea. The set might consist of wood scents… The idea looked rather promising to me, but it wasn’t accepted… oops… So, it’s hot on sale!.. lol… Start bidding, please!.. 😀



No-no… I don’t produce them… Don’t hand-make any either… Just enjoy designing fancy lamps, imagining, what they would look like on the desk, I used to make my homework at many years ago… Or, on a bed-side table of the room, I would like to create the interior for… Anyway, they are just sketches. I don’t even know, if such lamps are realizable at all… Hope, they are, though… 😉



Here’s what I do make though…  And it’s so easy, that anyone can do it too…    

Say, an old bed-side lamp has turned too boring, having gathered dust there for years. There’s a way to make it look more cheerful and bright! You just need a piece of artificial leather and all kinds of strasses (I took mine off some old hair-fasteners :p). And… here you are!.. It can be also a piece of lace, or some intricately cut cloth, or a set of pictures/photos, joined together… It can be pretty much anything!.. You can also make a few “clothes” for your lamp, and change them in turn… 🙂

Another lamp of mine… lol… It remembers me as a schoolgirl!.. Such things do need a fresh touch from time to time. So, I’ve knitted it a nice “coat”… heh… Very easy too. Anyone can do that.


More about Knitting                                

You can make great things for your home, if you are good at knitting. It just requires a bit of imagination… plus lots of patience!… 🙂    

This case for a chair seat is knitted with a hook. As any chair’s seat experiences much pressure 🙂 and rubbing against, such a case should be made out of some enduring kind of thread. I used binder-twine. You might try cord also, or a drying line… 😀





All kinds of home textile go without saying. You can decorate your curtains, table cloths, tapestries, what not this way…


This is what a sofa tapestry looks like, its edge being decorated with a broad fringe, knitted with a hook also…




And, certainly knitted clothes are marvellous…


A woolen jumper is great for an autumn evening out… And the bars in Prague are so cosy… 😛



While a thick and long one with Norwegian patterns will rather do for a frosty day in winter…


Nothing like a bright and very warm woolen scarf too!.. (in any season)…


Making of a Magazine-holder

Well, if you have loads of spare clothes-hangers, that keep constantly getting in your way, … hmm … here’s what you can make out of them:


Renovating of an OldMirror

The old mirror’s got too shabby for the room, where your guests can see it, eh?.. If you still want to keep the piece, that is so dear to your heart, you might try this way of renovating it:


My Bags

Heh … That isn’t all yet!.. I, actually, make bags. Yes … First, I try to imagine them. Then I draw them. Next step is to fulfil your ideas, and let them physically come into the big world!.. So, here are the drawings:

The Log-shaped Bag                                                          The Vase-shaped Bag

the log-shaped handbag

the vase-shaped bag 




And here are these bags, all ready for wear:



Making of a Mat

Another thing to make out of leather… while you are at it… 😉


My t-shirts

Summer’s nearly here – time to dig out our t-shirts. The thing about them is though, that they rarely survive until next year. 🙂 So, I enjoy designing my own t-shirts… Choose the auburn one with the juicy orange or the soothing turquoise with grapes… 😉


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