One-day Moscow Tour

What can one see during a day in Moscow? Is it possible to get to know the city in such a short time? Actually, one day is not enough to even see the whole collection of the famous Tretyakov Gallery. Hundreds of other museums, theatres, historical places, beautiful parks and squares are worth seeing too. But our time is precious.

The best known sights of Moscow – the Red Square, Alexander’s Gardens, the Street of Arbat, the Bolshoi Theatre – are luckily quite close to each other, and can be seen in the course of a walking tour.

moscow mapLet’s have a look at the map. I suggest we start our walk at the Street of Arbat. arbat3It has no traffic now, but it used to. I mean the Old Arbat.





The New Arbat is modern, huge and humming with all kinds of city noises. But the Old Arbat is a sweet corner of the capital. arbat6

It’s been the street of artists and arts of all kinds. arbat4

Bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and stalls find themselves on the both sides of it. arbat7

The biggest souvenir here is the Princess Turandotte from Carlo Gozzi’s tale. arbat2

She sits on her throne next to Vakhtangov Theatre, that she has a special meaning to. arbat1

From the Arbat we can walk to Alexander’s Gardens. alexander_gardens2

Actually, we can go by metro, but the walk is not too long really. The Gardens are a great place to rest. alexander_gardens6

Both, Muscovites and tourists sit on the benches here or stroll along flower-beds. alexander_gardens4 The Gardens have some historical sights too.

Resuming our walk, we’ll soon find ourselves at the Red Square. The heart of Moscow is always alive. We pass the State’s History Museum and enter the square. history_museum1

The Kremlin and the Mausoleum are on the right. Moscow_Kremlin1 The GUM store is on the left side. Straight ahead is the marvellous St. Basil’s Cathedral. St Basils_english

It’s definitely time to take pics.

Now our way goes to the Bolshoi Theatre. bolshoi_theatre The world-famous quadriga on top is seen from afar.





To the right from the Bolshoi’s facade is the stronghold of academic dramatic art, the State’s Maly Theatre. maly_theatre_with_background_signedEven if you aren’t tired of walking yet (which is unlikely), you shouldn’t miss a chance to see the Moscow metro. Some stations are sights by themselves, especially, older ones, that look like underground palaces. Let’s get to the Sparrow Hills then. It’s the highest point above the city anyway. The station of Sparrow Hills is unusual, being one of very few built on the surface. sparrow_hills1

To reach the highest point you’d have to walk uphill to the State’s University of Moscow. sparrow_hills2

It’s quite an exercise, but the opening view is worth it. sparrow_hills5

The whole area of the Sparrow Hills has been much used for jogging, biking and roller-skating. Walking around is nice. Still, you can treat yourself to a greater pleasure. Hydrofoil boats cruise about this part of the Moskva-river all summer long. sparrow_hills4 Snacks and drinks are served there too.



Ending your day in Moscow with a river trip is a good idea. Enjoy yourself! If you need a guide to show you around, to tell you more about the city’s history and present day, please, contact me!.. sparrow_hills3

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